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Albania and Regional Cooperation Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 September 2013 12:54
Albania has devoted a special and ongoing attention to the strengthening of regional multilateral relations, which is also materialized in the proceedings of several initiatives and regional organizations.

The commitment to these initiatives has served the promotion of the relations of good neighborliness, security and stability in the region, the draw of political support for project financing in priority domains of national and regional development.
The goal remains the promotion of cohabitation and relations of good neighborliness in the region through the confirmation of the active and moderate role of our country’s foreign policy.
The role of Albania’s foreign policy in terms of regional multilateral relations is evaluated steadily by the European Commission Progress Reports on the Stabilization and Association Agreement with Albania.  While all these reports confirm the active participation of Albania at all initiatives in the Balkans, they do also point out that Albania maintains constructive positions on regional cooperation and interreligious relations, political dialogue, trade and economic cooperation.

Regional cooperation is mainly focused on the following:
  • Fight against organized crime and illicit trafficking
  • Free movement of people
  • The establishment of free trade  zones in the region
  • Regional trade energy
  • Regional transport strategies, with Corridor  VIII as its priority
  • Strengthening cross - border cooperation through the promotion of Euro-Regions and others.
Albania is an active participant at all initiatives in Southeast Europe and namely:
  • Central European Initiative   (ICE)
  • Black Sea  Economic Cooperation (BSEC)
  • Adriatic-Ionian Initiative  (AII)
  • Southeast Europe Cooperation Process   (SEECP)
  • Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)
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